This story might be unsettling and make you sick to your stomach but is too important to ignore…
Our next victim was a Chinese adoption who was conditioned by her parents on sexual touching from age 3-5 and then trafficked by her own parents for ten years from ages 5 years old to 15 years old before she escaped.
This incredibly strong young woman is now going to school but needs money for books, supplies, and transportation to and from class and can’t buy anything under her name so that she can avoid being recaptured.
With your donations, Kids Lives Matter Inc. is paying for her books, supplies, transportation cards, and more so that she can get what she needs to complete school and get her life back.
We are beyond blessed to have supporters like you whom have donated enough to make this come true for this incredibly resilient young woman.
We have over a dozen children now coming to us this week alone, and we are working on individualized help and plans for each and every one of them, but we need your help. Every dollar matters!

The story of this next woman is shocking but all too common…

Our second victim was married early in a foreign country, and the husband brought her here to sell to his friends and co-workers. She wasn’t allowed to leave the house, talk, work, or have any friends.
Finally, after one of the encounters ended up in pregnancy, she was able to escape and lives in a safe house now trying to care for her baby and start her life on her own.
With your donations, Kids Lives Matter Inc. is paying for baby supplies, diapers, food, clothing, and help with shelter issues.
Thank you for your continued support; this is only the beginning.