Ever been kicked out of your house for being gay or bisexual? Listen to this story….
Our first victims story today starts off just like that. He was kicked out, left to the streets and was picked up by an older man. This man ended up raping and assaulting him, but that is just the beginning. After that it turned into being trafficked as a commodity at high end parties and hotel venues for 3 years before he escaped. Now he is living in a safe house restarting his life.
With your donations, Kids Lives Matter Inc. is paying for transportation and expenses to be able to allow him to get to school and back to finish his education.

The story of this next woman breaks my heart because it makes this whole thing all to real…..

This story is sad because we just got this victim sent to us and she has been dealing with the tragedies for over a decade now.
Her boyfriend at the time had stolen her baby and forced her to go make him money and trafficked her to get her baby back. She was then impregnated again during these trafficking experiences and had another child. Sadly, there are not many laws that can keep the father/trafficker away from her first baby since it is also the biological father. She is in hiding due to the boyfriend being a high profile citizen with political and enforcement connections trying to protect herself and her kids from this horrible life and threats to her children.
With your donations, Kids Lives Matter Inc. is paying for dental work due to cavities and mouth sores and other complications, as well as baby supplies and food for her family.

Thank you for your continued support, this is only the beginning.