Global Education Philanthropists – We Strategically Fight Human Trafficking Through Education and Aftercare.
At Global E.P., we believe prevention, education, and aftercare make the sustainable solution to human trafficking. There are between 27 and 30 million victims of human trafficking in the world. With the average trafficked person returning to their trafficker 7 to 12 times, we saw that extracting victims was not enough. We are in the fight for the long run. We work closely with survivor experts and trauma-informed mental health professionals to craft aftercare programs that keep people from returning to enslavement.
Through our volunteers and strategic partnerships, we serve human trafficking victims and at-risk populations around the world. We educate communities and families to safeguard current and future generations from the world’s fastest growing crime: human trafficking.
We provide education and opportunities for community members to join the fight. Global E.P. organizes resources for aftercare centers worldwide. Volunteers can sign up for an expedition to travel to villages. On these expeditions, volunteers teach self-reliance principles, vocational trades, or small business skills. Join us for a trip of a lifetime!”
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